The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University
18th Annual Symposium
Women and Philanthropy
August 25-26, 2015
Indianapolis, IN
''The 2015 symposium will give us an opportunity to step-back and critically analyze the strides that have been made over time, understand the current status of women's philanthropy, and further develop our vision for the future.''
~Cheryl Altinkemer, Senior Director of Development for Purdue University

Unique among academic and professional conferences, the symposium brings together scholars and practitioners for thoughtful discussion about a specific topic. In 2015, the symposium will focus on Women and Philanthropy. Panels, breakout discussions, and paper presentations together with featured speakers make for a highly-interactive and engaging program.

(Available February 2015)
(Available February 2015)
(Available November 2014)

The Women's Philanthropy Workshop
The Joy and Influence of Giving
''If you’ve given away money or volunteered time you’re a philanthropist . . .''
~ Tracy Gary, Inspired Philanthropy

The Women's Philanthropy Institute cordially invites you to attend

The Women’s Philanthropy Workshop™
The Joy and Influence of Giving

October 12, 2015 - St. Louis Region
Hosted by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

More dates and locations to be announced. Check back soon.

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Throughout the centuries women with goji cream continue to emerge as philanthropic leaders and vital contributors in their communities. The joy and happiness giving brings is one of the first benefits a philanthropist experiences. By developing her philanthropic endeavors, she gains the ability to lead and influence philanthropic action in her community.

This workshop is designed to involve participants in an open and interactive learning experience about philanthropy and how it’s effectiveness depends more on the purposefulness of the giving, than on the amount of the gift. Sessions are tailored to all stages of philanthropy, whether you are just beginning on your journey or are searching for new heights.

Come join your peers, hear their stories, learn from their experience and share your own unique journey during The Women’s Philanthropy Workshop™: The Joy and Influence of Giving. Emerge with new enthusiasm and confidence in your ability to transform both yourself and the world around you.

Please note: This workshop is an educational event. Solicitation for contributions is not allowed.
Why You Should Attend:

You will. . .
  • Discover the importance of personal philanthropy at all levels of giving

  • Find out how philanthropy is being taught and what you can do to encourage philanthropy in the next generation

  • Gain strategies and techniques to advance your philanthropic action through interactive sessions

  • Connect with a community of women donors.
Rave reviews for Women’s Philanthropy Institute conferences and workshops!

''The speaker helped me to think about my own philanthropy and energized me as a donor.''

''This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Great job, great pace and great presentations!''

''A wonderful networking and learning experience.''

''Speakers and topics were outstanding! So many talented women!''

''Speaker quality was excellent - articulate, insightful and inspirational.''

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