The Women's Philanthropy Institute

WPI's programs and services are designed to unleash women's philanthropic power. They include:
  • Speakers - The philanthropists and fund raisers on WPI's acclaimed speakers bureau have a proven track record in inspiring and motivating women to fulfill their potential for giving and are available to speak at meetings and conferences nationwide.

    …The speaker at the seminar posed a hypothetical question for discussion: "If you had $1 million to give away, what would you do with it?" For Lorene Burkhart, something clicked.
    So during the break, she pulled aside one of the university development officers and said she would donate $1 million to the School of Consumer and Family Sciences to create a center to study family issues…
    …excerpted from
    Worth Magazine
    September 2000
  • Training - From board development to staff training to philanthropy planning, WPI can work with you to develop the educational program your group needs. Participants can learn how to plan their giving, motivate their volunteers, and communicate with their donors, while deepening their understanding of women's approach to money and giving.

  • Technical Assistance - Whether you want to field academic research, initiate a women's giving circle in your community, build a women's endowment at your university, or develop programs to strengthen women's participation in your nonprofit organization, WPI can help. WPI consultants are experts in qualitative research design and analysis, strategic planning, fund raising, and board and staff development.

  • Information - Regarded as the reliable source for information about women's giving, WPI collects articles, statistics, resources, and links to help you find the answer to your questions. Subscribers to our a quarterly newsletter, WPINews, are kept up to date with regular features like: Women's Giving; Program Spotlight; Women of Vision; Research News; Events Calendar; and Facts & Resources.

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