Women's Philanthropy Institute
Why Focus On Women's Philanthropy?

Throughout history, women have demonstrated their philanthropic spirit. They have established schools, founded hospitals, and sheltered the homeless, never questioning their ability to make a difference in the world through their donations of time and talent.

Today woman are poised to discover their capacity to transform the world through financial giving. They are earning more college degrees than men. They are starting up businesses. They are making money.

Sometimes women hold back in their giving because of barriers arising from their socialization about money. The Women's Philanthropy Institute was formed to help women gain confi-dence in their capabilities as financial donors and break down the barriers standing between them and their giving.

What Is the Women's Philanthropy Institute?

The Women's Philanthropy Institute (WPI) was founded in 1997 by women dedicated to the mission of inspiring, educating, and encouraging women to effect change in the world through philanthropy. In January 2004, WPI moved and is now housed within the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

WPI is not a funding organization. Rather, it operates as an educational resource for women and for professionals who wish to encourage women as donors.

What Does WPI Do?

WPI's programs and services are designed to unleash women's philanthropic power. They include:

  • Speakers - The philanthropists, fundraisers, and financial advisors on WPI's acclaimed speakers bureau are available to speak at meetings and conferences nationwide.
  • Training - From luncheon speeches to all-day workshops, WPI can tailor its curriculum in donor education and staff/board development to meet the needs of virtually any group.
  • Technical Assistance - Whether you want to initiate a women's giving circle in your community, build a women's endowment at your university, or strengthen women's participation in your nonprofit organization, WPI can help.
  • Research – Housed at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, WPI has access to some of the sectors top scholars and researchers. WPI engages in research, encourages research of others through advising, and contracts out its research services to a wide variety of organizations and institutions interested in learning more about women’s philanthropy.
  • Information - The reliable source for information about women's giving, WPI publications include books, newsletters, and our web site.

Why Should I Call WPI?

The IRS reported that in 1998, 2.5 million (38.8%) of the top wealth holders in the U.S. were women. These women had a combined net worth of almost $4.2 trillion (up from the 1.6 million women with combined assets of $2.2 trillion in 1995).

Women generated $2.1 trillion in earnings in 1999. In 2002, the Center for Women’s Business Research found that one in 11 women in the U.S. was a business owner, and their companies continue to grow 1.5 to 2 times the rate of all firms.

And, because women live longer than men, they will end up in charge of much of the $41 trillion expected pass from generation to generation over the next fifty years.

Much world-changing power is in those numbers, once every woman fully discovers her own giving capacity - and strategically and joyfully gives to the causes that impassion her.

The Women's Philanthropy Institute can help women transform themselves and the world by realizing their philanthropic potential.

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