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Women's Philanthropy Institute

Institutional Sponsorship
Womenís Philanthropy Institute Institutional Sponsorship
Organizations provide a vital source of support for WPIís work, particularly our work to disseminate information about women and philanthropy through our newsletter and web site. Your sponsorship helps support research and educational programming of the Womenís Philanthropy Institute.

In 2004, we will recognize all institutions and organizations making gifts of $500 as follows:

  • You will receive twenty copies of WPI News (we expect publish two issues in 2004) that you can distribute to your staff or donors however you wish.
  • Listing on the masthead of this yearís WPINews issues.
  • Announcements in WPINews about your organization's events, programs, and achievements related to women and philanthropy
  • The networking power of a growing number of organizations devoted to promoting women's philanthropic leadership
Other giving opportunities include sponsorship of regional workshops and national conferences, underwriting a graduate assistantship to support a student interested in studying womenís philanthropy at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, or funding research in womenís philanthropy. For more information, please contact Debb Hollis at [email protected] or 317-684-8955.
Sponsorship Cost: $500/Year

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