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Women's Philanthropy Institute
Conference Tapes
Women's Programs in Community Nonprofits
By Strauss, Dahlke, Weber, and Le
Philanthropy is a partnership between organizations with the expertise and infrastructure to carry out a service and individuals with the financial and volunteer resources to make it possible. Listen to this session from WPI's "Fulfilling the Potential of Women's Philanthropy" to learn how nonprofit programs are inspiring and educating women and girls in philanthropic leadership.

Price: $10.00 Shipping: $5.00

Women, Faith and Philanthropy
By Williams, Picus, Berry
This session explores the spiritual dimension of money and philanthropy to help women align their giving with their deepest held values and beliefs.
Price: $10.00 Shipping: $5.00

Social Justice Philanthropy
By Gary, Goldberg, McCleary, Slep
Philanthropy is an act of power. Learn how to apply your philanthropy strategically to bring about social change.
Price: $10.00 Shipping: $5.00

Videotape 3:
''The Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future'' and ''What's Next?: Women Fulfilling Their Potential Through Philanthropy''
By Bonner, Pederson, Millman, Pro
This videtape includes a keynote by Cathy Bonner, Founder of the Women's Museum and the conference's final panel session ''What's Next: Women Fulfilling Their Potential Through Philanthropy'' which highlights what's needed and what's possible for the future of women's philanthropy. A presentation of the Elizabeth Awards is - an program designed to encourage young women to put their gifts and talents to work within their communities follows the close of the final panel session.
Price: $25.00 Shipping: $5.00

Videotape 2:
''Legacy - Family Philanthropy'' and ''Philanthropy in Diverse Communities''
By Rowden, Scott, Red Wing, Delga
This conference videtape includes the luncheon keynote address by Diana Rowden, past Board Chair of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and ''Philanthropy in Diverse Communities'' which highlights what diverse communities can do to fully participate in philanthropic initiatives and make their voices heard as their numbers grow?
Price: $25.00 Shipping: $5.00

Videotape 1:
''Every Woman a Philanthropist'' and ''Research on Women and Philanthropy''
By Dedecker, Rooney, Mead, Brilli
This conference videotape includes an inspiring opening keynote ''Every Woman a Philanthropist'' by Clotilde Dedecker and a panel of experts bringing us up-to-date on their most recent findings on women and philanthropy research.
Price: $25.00 Shipping: $5.00

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