Best engineering schools in 2021

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Engineering is the set of functions that lead from design and studies, purchase and manufacturing control of equipment, to the commissioning of a technical and industrial installation. An engineer is called upon to solve problems related to different sectors of scientific activity. In this article, you will discover the best engineering schools in 2021.

Characteristics of an engineer

The engineer is a person who, from his know-how, ideas, resources, means and material, builds technological objects or products. Through analyzes, deductions and mathematical tools, engineers will find solutions to various business problems. The general characteristics that we find in an engineer are:

  • Passion for science and innovation;
  • Rigorous and organized person in his work;
  • To have team spirit ;
  • Promote quality and improvement;
  • Be able to adapt to change;
  • Be curious and have an open mind;
  • Enjoy making decisions;

Engineering encompasses several branches of specialties. Each of them places particular emphasis on certain fields of application and certain technologies.

Ranking of the best engineering schools in France in 2021

On the basis of different criteria, the Student site offers each year a ranking of the best engineering schools in France, belonging to the network of the Commission des titres d'études (CTI). Here is a summary of the Student ranking of the best engineering schools in France in 2021:

  1. École Polytechnique, in Paris;
  2. The CentraleSupélec School, in Gif-sur-Yvette;
  3. École des Mines ParisTech, in Paris;
  4. École des Ponts ParisTech, in Paris;
  5. The Institut Mines-Telecom Atlantique, in Nantes;
  6. The Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space, in Toulouse;
  7. The Léonard-de Vinci School of Engineering, in Courbevoie;
  8. The higher school of physics and industrial chemistry of the city of Paris, in Paris;
  9. École centrale Nantes, in Nantes;
  10. The National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, in Grenoble;