The hidden face of the new clip "the price to pay" by Gims

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In his new video "The price to pay", Gims shows the back of the scene for this star who decides to sacrifice everything to become famous.
In this article, you will discover the meaning of the new video clip “The price to pay” by Gims.

Has Gims lost everything?

This is what one might think in the clip "The price to pay", which makes you think a lot. On the Web, the first reactions to this video are surprising. No one expected the artist to decide to show a whole different take on celebrity. Here it is about betrayals, cheating, lies.

While he is preparing to sign in his future record company, Gims must promise loyalty and exclusivity to the latter. A pact signed with his own blood. By accepting these agreements,the singer of Sexion d'Assautsees his daily life changing dramatically. Little by little the success grows and its notoriety with. His family life is exposed, nothing is secret anymore.

Is Gims fed up?

As he travels through all the cities of France to meet his audience, Gims realizes that he has been had. Betrayed by those he trusted, he decides to flee. Go away from it all and start from scratch. Through “The price to pay”, is the artist sending an important message?

In the clip, he denounces the questionable behavior of certain people in the music industry. An industry that seems to house these characters who have no qualms. After 10 years of career, is Gims fed up with this side of fame? Known for saying what he thinks, the singer -about to release its reissue- hopes to change things.