tips for having a peaceful retirement

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Everyone's dream is to have a peaceful retirement. And yet, it's nothing to complicate. To enjoy your retirement, you just need to save during your youth and then adopt a strategy adapted to your professional situation. This article introduces you to the 10 golden keys to having a peaceful retirement.

Take control of your future

It's never too late to worry about your retirement. The ideal is to think about it from 40 years old. Twenty years are needed to build up a capital worthy of the name with a reasonable savings effort. Learn about what you will really find. This is the first step.

The first step in retirement is to save. The younger you start, the less effort will be required. Then think about adjusting your wealth strategy according to the economic situation and your personal situation.

Own your home

If you own your home before retirement, you will save the amount of rent, which increases your purchasing power. But, don't get into too much debt. Monthly payments should not exceed one third of your income.

Diversify your heritage

At 45, whatever your risk aversion, own rental property, stocks, bonds and monetary products, depending on your means. As you approach retirement, you can only be a winner, because these investment families don't perform well or badly at the same time.

Have life insurance

On the tax front, the advantages last, for the most part: the gains remain tax-exempt (subject to conditions) and the capital from inheritance tax, up to 152,000 euros per beneficiary.

Don't forget rental real estate

Buying apartments or, better still, houses if you can afford it, to rent them out is an excellent wealth strategy. Supplementing your retirement with one or two rents is interesting.