Top Call Center Skills for Effective Customer Service Agents

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No need to hide the face : call center agents do not have an easy job. And the task of managers responsible for finding candidates with call center skills is not easy either. The slightest wrong decision during the recruitment process can have far-reaching consequences, not good ones. That said, call center managers who understand the qualities an effective customer service agent should have are well on their way to finding the perfect candidate. In this guide, we'll go over the qualities that call center supervisors should look for in customer service representatives.

Crucial Skills Every Call Center Agent Should Have

When looking for the perfect candidate, you need to consider both hard skills and soft skills. A 
customer service call center must have agents who have real technical skills. Test candidates' ability to find and evaluate documentation, such as self-service items and notes left in customer files. Have they ever used a support tool ? Are their computer skills good ? Determine if candidates have a basic understanding of data analytics and can understand and navigate dashboards. Perhaps your business is expanding into a new region, or your customer base already requires support in multiple languages. A multilingual call center representative is invaluable to support teams.

Attributes a call center agent should have

By attributes, we mean the personal qualities that allow one person to work effectively on the phone, while another struggles to provide a quality customer experience. However, these features are not only necessary to meet the short-term needs of your contact center. It's also important to determine whether candidates have the personal attributes that will make them good long-term employees and, ultimately, managers. Is the call center agent candidate ready for unexpected challenges ? Does he show resilience in the face of adversity ? Craft a question that will help you determine if candidates are able to handle emerging issues effectively.