Facts On Connectivity

Connectivity refers broadly to social connections forged through mediated communications systems. That is, since the arrival of the World Wide Web and the spread of mobile communications, mediated connectivity has been quietly normalized as central to a consolidating ‘global imaginary’

Facts On Connectivity

One aspect of this is the ability of the social media to accumulate economic capital from the users connections and activities on social media platforms by using certain mechanisms in their architecture.
According to several scholars (van Dijck and Poell) "It is a key element of social media logic, having a material and metaphorical importance in social media culture.".
This concept originates from the technological term of "connectivity" but its application to the media field has acquired additional social and cultural implications.
The increasing role of social media in everyday life serves as the basis of such connectivity in the 21st century. It shows the interrelations between the users activities on social media and at the same time the empowerment of the social media platforms with the data that was produced by the users and given to those services for granted.
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Types of Connectivity

Notion of connectivity: Connectivity developed with the rise of the Internet, first with the introduction Web 1.0 and later Web 2.0. New improvements in equipment, software, the advancement of speed and access have increased the level and quality of connectivity
Example of the application of connectivity: Facebook can serve as a good example how connectivity is being produced and exploited by social media. Van Dijck mentions three concepts implemented in the technological side of connectivity which result in the connective structure of the platform and in the creation of its additional social and cultural dimensions. These are platform, protocol and interface

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